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Motivation of nurses to undergo a Master’s Program: a descriptive study

Rejane Eleuterio Ferreira, Claudia Mara Tavares


Originated from the project of the Academic Masters in Health Care Sciences of Fluminense Federal University. Primary Aim: To determine the motivations of nurses to undergo a Master’s Program and its relationship to professional development. Specific Aims: To describe the profile of Masters students; to correlate the motivations of nurses with social recognition, social compromise and the scientific characteristics of the profession and; to compare the motivations of nurses who studied the academic Master’s program compared to those who decided to choose the professional Master’s program. Method: this is a descriptive study, with a qualitative approach, whose subjects are nursing Master students of the Nursing School at Fluminense Federal University in Niterói, Brazil. To collect the data, a questionnaire for the socioeconomic characterization of the interviewees, and semi-structured interviews will be used. The data will be treated through content topic analysis, and interpreted based on the theoretical analysis of Gary Becker.


Professional Master; Academic Master Nursing Professional


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