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Unna Boot Compared To Elastic Bandages in Patients with Venous Ulcers: Clinical Trial

Alcione Matos de Abreu, Beatriz Guitton Renaud Baptista Oliveira


The main cause of venous ulcers is the venous hypertension, resulting in capillary hypertension. The treatment consists in reversing venous hypertension to the level of superficial veins of lower members, therefore, compression therapy is indicated for these patients. Objectives: Describe the process of tissue repair in venous ulcer patients using inelastic compression therapy (Unna Boot) compared to elastic bandages. Compare the clinical and evolving results of the tissue repair process of venous ulcers in patients submitted to treatment with inelastic and elastic therapy. Method: This is an experimental, randomized, controlled, open and prospective clinical trial, with quantitative approach, held in a University Hospital. The sample will be of 18 patients, accompanied during 13 weeks. The instrument of data collection will have socio-demographic, clinical and specific questions about the ulcer. The data analysis will be on  SPSS software as basis.


Nursing Care ; Varicose Ulcer; Bandage.


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