Quality of life at work: perceptions of the nursing team in the nosocomial organization. A phenomenological study


occupational health
quality of life

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This study aimed at understanding the meaning of the quality of life at work under the optics of the nursing team in the hospital everyday work. This is a quality research, based on the referential of phenomenology. The individuals were 15 professionals of the nursing team who work at a nosocomial organization located in the city of Teófilo Otoni, Minas Gerais. The information have been collected in June, 2006, through open interview, respecting the ethical aspects. The guiding issues were the following: “To you, what is Quality of Life at Work?”; “Describe situations in which you have experienced the Quality of Life at Work in your work environment”. For the comprehensive analysis of the data, it were followed the methodological moments cited by Martins, which included: the description, the reduction, the understanding and phenomenological interpretation. Upon extraction and transformation of the meaning units we have proceeded to the convergence of meaning, emerging three categories: “Quality of life and work conditions”, which is split into three sub-categories: “We also are human beings”, Quality of life at work and in the experienced reality”, “Quality of life at work and the dreamed of reality”; “Acknowledgement: a power that moves the work” and “Being in the world of work with the other”. We understand that the Quality of Life at Work, for the individuals in this study, is to have the opportunity of being heard by the administrators and other professionals of the health team in the nosocomial organization, being allowed to express ideals and aspirations with regard to the issues that involve the everyday life at work. We propose the creation of supporting groups in the nosocomial organizations, follow up with the psychologist for the nursing team, better physical structures for the work, creating of environments appropriate for the spiritual and social contemplations that enable the leisure and the physical activities, as the gymnastics rooms. We have noticed the lack of policies that work the subject of Quality of Life at Work in the nosocomial organization and we suggest that its contemplation occurs via the realization of workshops that involve other professionals of the health team and also the administrators. We have also noticed the need for investments in pedagogic practices that incorporate the subject of Quality of Life at Work to the courses dedicated to the formation of workers that compose the nursing team.