Mindfulness for pain in women with breast cancer: a scope review protocol
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Objective: A scope review protocol that will be conducted according to the Joanna Briggs Institute methodology to map and characterize available evidence on the use of mindfulness-based interventions for pain management in people diagnosed with breast cancer throughout different stages of treatment. Method: Studies conducted in adult women aged 18 years or older, who have received a diagnosis of breast cancer and who have undergone mindfulness-based interventions aimed at pain management will be included. The clinical context of the participants will be considered. We will include articles from quantitative and qualitative studies, in addition to the so-called grey literature, with no limits on language and time. A 3-step research strategy will be used. The following databases will be used: PubMed, CINAHL, Web of Science, VHL, PsycInfo, and Google Scholar. The results will be presented in a graphic and narrative summary, written in accordance with PRISMA-ScR.

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