Nurses’ positive attitudes toward families within nursing care: a scoping review protocol


Objective: to present a scoping review protocol that will map the literature about the factors associated with nurses' positive attitude towards the inclusion of families in care, in studies that used Families' Importance in Nursing Care - Nurses' Attitudes and / or Family Nursing Practice Scale. Method: scoping review protocol. The documents will be identified at: PUBMED / Medline; LILACS; VHL; PsycInfo; Academic Google; SCOPUS and CINAHL, using: “Families 'Importance in Nursing Care - Nurses' Attitudes” or “FINC-NA” or “Family Nursing Practice Scale”. Expected results and conclusion: it is expected to identify the profile of nurses who have positive attitudes towards families in nursing care in different contexts and scenarios of care production. This is relevant for the development of intervention strategies that seek a professional profile that gives greater importance to the patients' families.
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