The sociodemographic and clinical profile of clients with cutaneous wounds.


Wound Healing

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This research aims to outline the social, demographic and clinical profile of clients with cutaneous wounds (active and chronic) who received assistance from the outpatient service of a university hospital. The study is prospective and descriptive, with a quantitative approach, involving patients with wounds admitted between February and September 2006. The data registered in protocol I refer to identification, clinical history, previous illnesses and type of wound. These are sorted into categories with the help of graphs and analyzed in the light of the applicable literature. The study encompassed 38 patients with 121 consultations. The results show that the population of the study is mostly male (74%), aged from 40 to 59 years (44.5%), with incomplete middle (junior high) school (42%) and lives in the city of Niterói (49%). With relation to clinical aspects, the patients present Diabetes Mellitus (28%) and surgical injuries (31%). As to location, 39% of wounds are to lower members caused by diverse traumas (37%) and take between 4 and 8 months to heal on average. The systematic monitoring of wounded patients is fundamental not only to treat the wound but also to control basic illnesses and prevent complications.
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