Implementation of the program to prevent accidents with sharps: A documentary analysis
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Objective: To describe the implementation process of the program to prevent accidents with sharps in a public hospital. Method: A descriptive study, with retrospective documentary analysis, developed from the exploratory, selective and analytical reading of the contents present in records of the Specialized Service in Safety Engineering and Occupational Medicine. Data collection was performed by filling out a semi-structured form and the analyses were based on the program's adaptations to the guidelines set forth in Ordinance No. 1,748 of the Ministry of Labor and Employment. Results: The program's implementation process was completed in eight stages and met the directives set forth in the Ordinance. The program improved the conventional control measures and led to the adoption of engineering measures. According to the evaluation by the Management Commission, the program contributed to a reduction in the number of accidents. Conclusion: Implementation of the program was successful...
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