The political participation of undergraduated nursing students. An exploratory study



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Context: This study shows the meaning of political participation to undergraduated nursing students; how they participate in their particular life and in the University and the main worries about politics, nursing and political engagement. Objectives: Find out the meaning of political engagement to nursing students, understanding their social and political organization process. Methods: Exploratory, qualitative research. 145 students participated, the data was collected from a self applied instrument. The objective data was submitted to simple frequency analysis, and the subjective data to a thematic analysis. Results: The political interest is average; most students only vote; few participate in the student movements although aware of student organizations. Discussion: Politics implies in the struggle for their rights/duties, political engagement amplifies the knowledge of citizenship, building critical judgment and attitudes, which interferes with nursing cares. Conclusion: They value political engagement as a form of social organization although they delegate to others without controlling their appointed leaders actions. We believe that an effective political formation can contribute to maximize participation.
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