Common mental disorders in rural workers who use pesticides: a cross-sectional study


Objective: To evaluate the occurrence of common mental disorders in rural workers who use  pesticides  and  connect  them  with  sociodemographic  and  clinical  data. Method:  A cross-sectional, descriptive, analytical  study of 361 rural workers from a  municipality  in northwestern  Rio  Grande  do  Sul.  Information  was  collected  through  an  identification form, sociodemographic data, clinical data, and the Multidimensional Scale SQR-20Self-Reporting  Questionnaire.  All  ethical  aspects  of  research  involving  human  beings  have been  followed.  The  project  was  approved  by  a  research  ethics  committee  (CAAE 51397615.4.0000.5322).   Data   analysis   will   be   performed   using   descriptive   and inferential statistics. Expected results: Analysis of the occurrence of mental disorders in participants, the planning of healthcare precautions, and the impact of pesticides on the physical  and  mental  health  of  rural  workers.   As   investigatedbya health   care professional,  the  results  obtained  may  contribute  to  reflections,  discussions,  and  the implementation of actions with a positive impact on the health and quality of life of these individuals.
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