Stress and burnout syndrome in hospital nurses: a descriptive study


Aim:  to  check  stress  levels  and  the  presence  of  the  burnout syndrome  in  a  population  of  nurses  on  day  and  night  shifts  in  a  hospital.  Method: descriptive cross-sectional study with a quantitative approach, performed at the Hospital of  Federal  University  of  Rio  Grande  do  Norte.  Consists  in  applying  questionnaires  to nurses   to   obtain   data   through   the   form   of   socio-demographic   data,   then   the instruments: the Bianchi scale to quantify the level of stress, and the Maslach Burnout Inventory  (MBI) to  identify the  presence  of the  burnout syndrome.  The  organization  of data will involve the use of the Microsoft Windows Excel 2010 spreadsheets and will be analyzed using the Statistical Package for the Social Sciences version 20.0. The data will be organized in tables and charts, and analyzed according to descriptive and inferential statistics.
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