Evaluation of a virtual learning object on diagnostic reasoning: a descriptive study


Aim: To describe the evaluation of a virtual learning object (VLO) developed to mediate the teaching of diagnostic reasoning in nursing and to be applied to the integumentary system by students of an undergraduate degree in nursing. Methods: Descriptive study, of the methodological applied research type in production technology, developed with 21 nursing students from a public university of Piauí in September and October 2014. A questionnaire using Likert scale was applied and analyzed by means of descriptive statistics. Results: The evaluation of the students was favorable when judging that the virtual learning object helped in computer use skills (20), provided autonomy (19), motivation (21) and pleasure (20) during learning. It also featured an easily to understand language (20) and useful and relevant review activities and bibliography. Conclusion: The virtual learning object proved to be potentially effective to support the teaching of diagnostic reasoning during the evaluation of the integumentary system.
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