From uncertainity to accuracy: reflexions about nursing care under the perspective of heidegger´s theory


Introduction: The descriptive research had os objetives to describe the cientific thought influence in  breaking up of the health care and to consider the holistic care in nursing under Heidegger conception. Development: Men always have as characteristic to ask about the origin of the universe. They search to explain these questions through the mythological thought and subsequently through the cientific and technological throught. So, in the fifteen century came the science that was imposing your certainty, evidence and universality in the world. It benefited the generalization and the breaking up of the health care. Actually, new concepts of science and of the world have appeared because the last ones didn’t comprehend the human phenomena complexity. As the recently tendency of nursing is to reconsider men on a holistic way, I believe that the care and the cure under Heidegger conception promote a differentiated professional atitude. That characterized on helping the client to be trasparent for yourself and free for the your being and its possibilities. Conclusion: Getting back health care as a holistic experience, while nursing professionals can contribuite for population quality of life, for the practice of citizenships, and can be present in the society.
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