Strategic plan 2002-2003


Although the OBJN has not complete an year of existence, it is part of the process of nursing research. The OBJN vision is to make each nurse a consumer of nursing journals so we can have, in Brazil, 90.000 lectors, soon.To realize the OBJN vision and mission, a plan of goals, strategies, rand monitoring has been set forth for the first year from April 2002 through April 2003.Our goals were and still are: * Expande the OBJN subscription and authors colaboration in Brazil and abroad as well as the Editorial Board. The strategies were the utilization of  mechanisms (members of editorial Board, eletronic newsletter, editor´s forum) available for snaring work of OBJN across nursing schools, hospitals, communities, etc; and the communication of interest in receive articles and abstracts in letters to organizations, members of editorial board, and subscribers. Our Editorial Board has 41 members from Brazil, North, Central and South America, and Europe. In 2002, the OBJN received 18 articles and 4 abstracts. After a three peer-review blind analyses, 16 articles and 3 were published.  *Include OBNJ into nursing references databases. The strategies were the dissemination of the OBJN, the publication of research articles in the journal and the exploration of potential indexation on nursing references databases (CINAHL, LILACS, etc.); and the inclusion of ONBJ internet data bases by establishing linkages with relevant groups (NurseLinx, Nurse Editor, etc) and organizations (BIREME).  *Colaborate with other nursing journals, and organizations nurses involved in research and knowledge managent in dissemination of nursing knowledge, in sepecial the Brazilian nursing knowledge nationally and internationally. The strategies were the OBJN presence on Nursing Journals Editors´Forum  and the OBJN link with specialty organization (NEPAE, NESEN, Nurse Linx, UNIFESP, BIREME, etc). I am hopeful that what was obtained in 2002 will be consolidate and more will be get in 2003. The Strategic Plan 2002-2003 will enable OBJN to continue its mission which is to share nursing knowledge for the empowerment of the Brazilian nursing profession. It will permit also to expand the OBJN vision to have 1 nurse publishing in scientific journals for each 10 nurses. Soon! By the way: the OBJN would like to thanks the nursing authors that colaborate with our journal. We are also very grateful to our subscribers and to our Editoral Board. We wish you a very happy 2003.In 2202, the OBJN began with the blesses of Ogum and closes the year under the protection of Oxum. Eri ye ye ô!Oxum - painted by Carybé. Goddess of sensuality, intuition and fertility.
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