Prevention of sexually transmitted disease in the Health Care in Schools Program: evaluative study


Aims: This is a master degree dissertation project of Post-Graduation Program in Nursing of Ceara Federal University, and has as an aim to evaluate the work of nurses in relation to the prevention of STD/AIDS with adolescents in the Health Care in Schools Program. Method: An evaluative research that started in May 2013, with a quality approach. The subjects of the study will be nurses who work for the Health Care in Schools Program in Fortaleza, state of Ceara. For the data gathering, a semi-structured interview and the checklist that supports the interview will be used. For the organization and analysis of the data, the Method of Senses Interpretation will be taken as reference and the descriptive statistics analysis will use the Excel software. This research project was sent to the Ethics in Research Committee of Ceara Federal University and approved under nr 209.337 on 02/28/2013.
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