Perceptions of nursing students about the Health Promotion: exploratory-descriptive study

Cibelly Aliny Siqueira Lima Freitas, Maria da Conceição Coelho Brito, Ana Karina Bezerra Pinheiro, Maria Josefina da Silva, Maria Socorro de Araújo Dias, Fabiane do Amaral Gubert


The study aims to understand the perception of nursing students about the knowledge and practices involving the Health Promotion. Exploratory -descriptive study conducted with 49 undergraduate students of nursing at a public university of Ceará. Data collection took place through a questionnaire during May-June 2009, based on the novel "Conto Mineiro." The results show that health education is still focused on the preventive practices, and that the experience in nursing care stimulates the reinterpretation of these concepts. Students recognize that the practices of health promotion strengthen the autonomy of individuals. At the end of the study showed that institutions must provide students with effective strategies to apply theoretical knowledge and develop skills that will not become just technical but also political and relational


Nursing; Students, Nursing; Health Promotion; Education, Higher

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