The everyday of users in psychosocial attention center from the perspective of the phenomenological sociology - preview note

Cíntia Nasi, Jacó Fernando Schneider


Introduction: This investigation is focused on the everyday of users in a Psychosocial Attention Center (CAPS) which is a service that substitutes the asylum model. The basis of these services emphasizes the assistance of people in psychic suffering and their psychosocial rehabilitation. The CAPS are important services to insert people to the social life, n activities such as culture, work, health and entertainment ones. Objective: Understanding the comprehension of the everyday of users in a Psychosocial Attention Center from the perspective of the phenomenological sociology of Alfred Schutz. Methodology: The study follows a qualitative and phenomenological approach. After the approval of the ethics committee, we started interviewing the users of CAPS, in Porto Alegre city, Rio Grande do Sul State, and our main question was ";what do you do during your routine?"; Results: After performing 13 interviews during April and June of 2008, we intend to analyze the responses in order to comprehend the everyday of users, providing a relation between the everyday life to the social world and social relations of Alfred Schutz. Conclusion: The analysis of the collected data will be realized in a further moment using as support the phenomenological sociology of Alfred Schutz, however, we must affirm that this research is highly important, because it may help the mental health team understanding the users' everyday, including the aspects related to the activities that are being performed and verifying the CAPS’s contribution to the psychosocial rehabilitation.


mental health; mental health services; nursing; qualitative research

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