Center of Psychosocial Attention (CAPS): worker’s mental health

Cecília Helena Glanzner, Agnes Olschowsky, Luciane Prado Kantorski


The professional that is facing changes in the mental health attention has been constituted himself in the confront of Psychiatric Reform discourse, which defends that the medical/psychiatric knowledge must change its place for the multidisciplinarity, it must start using the notion health instead of using illness, city’s circulation instead of asylum, person in psychic suffering instead of person with mental illness, citizen instead of incapable one. This shock can be characterized as a factor of stress in the mental health teams’ work. This is a qualitative research, case study, and has the purpose of evaluating the strategies used by a CAPS’ (Center of Psychosocial Attention) health team in promoting the worker’s mental health. Data collection was carried through during November and December 2006, in Foz do Iguaçu City, Parana State, Brazil. Data treatment will be done from the thematic analysis.


Mental health, Worker’s mental health, Nursing, Evaluation

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