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Priority, focus and method: paths for approval in public tenders and residencies in the nursing area

Gustavo Dias da Silva



At the end of the undergraduate nursing course, the primacy of any trainee is to practice the profession for which he has been preparing for four or five years. However, very often, the graduates are faced with an unfavorable scenario in a job market saturated with professionals trained in search of the first opportunity and, consequently, this scenario is increasingly demanding. Along with this panorama, it is added the inexperience and the natural insecurity of those who have just graduated. On the other hand, many graduates, postgraduates, and experienced professionals who are already in the labor market, live, day after day, another type of insecurity – generated by the instability of the bargaining relations of work, increasingly tenuous. Despite the different perspectives, lived at different moments of the professional career, the way to reach the goal of differentiation in the nursing area is the same: focus, dedication, study, preparation, and perseverance.


Nursing;Students, Nursing;Mercado de Trabajo;Desempleo;Employment


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