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Stress and feeding behavior during nursing graduation: a cross-sectional study

Jéssika Wanessa Soares Costa, Kézia Katiane Medeiros da Silva, Clarissa Maria Bandeira Bezerra, Danila Maria da Silva, Milva Maria Figueiredo De Martino


Aim: to analyze the levels of stress and their association with the eating behavior of undergraduate nursing students from a public university. Method: this is a cross-sectional and observational study using a quantitative approach. The study will be developed in the Nursing Department of the Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte. An identification form for sociodemographic recognition will be applied along with the Scale for Stress Assessment in Nursing Students and the Dutch Food Behavior Questionnaire. Expected results: to identify the association between stress and eating behavior among undergraduate students in nursing. Implications for nursing: The study will be significant for the training of new nursing professionals, through analysis of dietary conditions and the influence of stress on professional training, supporting the future elaboration of strategies to minimize the effects of stress and, consequently, the eating dysfunctions of nursing students.


Nursing;Stress, Psychological;Students;Feeding Behavior


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