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Factors associated with performance in the Mini Mental State Examination: a cross-sectional study

Clóris Regina Blanski Grden, July Hellen Linhares da Rocha, Luciane Patrícia Andreani Cabral, Jacy Aurélia Vieira de Sousa, Péricles Martim Reche, Pollyanna Kássia de Oliveira Borges


Aim: to identify the factors associated with performance in the Mini Mental  State  Examination  (MMSE)  on  the  part  of  the  elderly  attending  a  specialized outpatient  clinic.  Method:  a  cross-sectional  study  involving  a  convenience  sample, comprising 216 elderly people waiting for consultation at a specialized outpatient clinic, from March to June 2015, with the application of a structured instrument and the MMSE. For  analysis  purposes,  the  study  made  use  of  Stata  version  12  software,  and  results were considered statistically significant when p<0.05. Results: subjects who were female (54%), married (44%), who lived with their spouse (41%) and had low educational level (70%)  characteristics  predominated.  We  identified  a  significant association  between MMSE  performance  and  gender  (p=0.001),  education  (p=0.001),  income  (p=0.001), home  companions  (p=0.002)  and  individual  monthly  income  (p=0.001).  Conclusion: early identification of cognitive decline and associated factors enables prevention and/or treatment strategies to be implemented by health professionals, especially nurses.


Nursing; Mini Mental State Exam; Cognitive Decline; Outpatient Clinic.


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