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Stillbirths preventable by interventions of the Unified Health System: a cross-sectional study

Dayane da Rocha Pimentel, Aline Luzia Sampaio Guimarães, Isabela de Lucena Heráclio, Conceição Maria de Oliveira, Cristine Vieira do Bonfim


Aim: To describe the epidemiological characteristics and health care characteristics  of  stillbirths   and  classify  them  according  to  the  Brazilian  List  of Preventable  Causes  per  interventions  of  the  Unified  Health  System.  Method:  A  cross-sectional  study  carried  out  in  Recife  (PE)  in  2014,  whose  sources  of  data  will  be  the research  records  of  Infant  and  Fetal  Death  Surveillance  and  the Mortality  Information System. The basic causes will be analyzed and classified according to the Brazilian List of A voidable C auses. Pearson’s chi -square  test  will  be  used  to  evaluate  the  association between avoidable stillbirths according to weight range. Expected results: It is intended to detect the circumstances and avoidable factors for fetal mortality, besides delivering data for the discussion and planning issues related to the qualification of care processes in health.


Fetal Death; Health Unic System; Surveillance of Child and Fetal Death; Brazilian List of Preventable Causes


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