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Decoding the synthesis of evidence: concepts

João Luis Alves Apóstolo, Dalmo Valério Machado de Lima


A  stage  considered  essential  to  the  implementation  of  the  practice informed  by  evidence  is  called  the  synthesis  of  evidence.  However,  its design  and implementation  is  still  far  from  researchers,  educational  institutions  and  research professionals,  etc.  In  order  to  facilitate  the  understanding  of  readers  on  the  subject, concatenating concepts and practice, are detailed below as the spring and summer OBJN editorials.  One  of  the  most  accepted  ways  to  develop  the  synthesis of  science  is  the systematic  review  of  the  literature  (SLR).  The  explicit,  systematic  and  reproducible methods  used  in  the  SLR  aim  to  minimize  different  types  of  bias,  including  critical evaluation of the quality of the studies that meet the inclusion criteria of the review in question.  When  the  evidence  produced  generates  recommendations  for  practice  and policy, the inclusion of low-quality evidence at high risk of bias is problematic.


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