Perception of the death and dying of the nursing students. A qualitative study.

Lucimeire Santos Carvalho, Cátia Andrade Silva, Ana Carla Petersen de Oliveira Santos, Milena Arão de Oliveira, Sandra Cabral Portela, Célia Maria Costa Regebe


This objective article to understand the meaning of the death and dying in the daily one of the nursing academics. Study qualitative, carried through in the dependences of a situated state university in the city of the Salvador/Ba, the period of February-May/2006. It was used half-structuralized interview as technique for collection of data. The corpus was composed for ten students of the course of nursing of varied semesters. The data had been analyzed on the basis of the categorical analysis of contents and emerged three categories: Coming close itself to the death in the process to take care of; Fear of the death and needing preparation to deal with the death. One concluded that the nursing academics are unprepared to deal with its emotions and feelings, as well as of its customers in whom he refers to the death process and dying.


Death; Attitude to Death, Students of nursing; Nursing

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