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Nursing education and clinical activity: an intervention research

Karla Maria Maria Neves Memoria Lima, Claudia Osorio da Silva, Ana Lúcia Abrahão


Aims: To investigate the training of nurses in a Public Federal University with the goal of promoting the enhancement of the education process. Problem: How to enrich the process of nurse training, taking into account the challenges and the features of the work involved? Method: a qualitative-approach research, along the lines of intervention research, using clinical activity as a reference. The research subjects are nursing students from a public university. Data will be collected through photo workshops, using the resources of phototypesetting and image intervention. The material will be analyzed following the clinical activity precepts that aim for the analysis of interviews. Data collection shall be carried out from January to December 2014.


Education; Nursing Students; Phototypesetting; Nursing Graduation


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