World health organization: forum 8 + world summit on health research Mexico city, november 6-10, 2004


Call for abstracts: Deadline for receipt of proposals is 31 May, 2004. 

Key topics include:

- The 10/90 gap in health research and the MDGs
- Contributions towards reaching the MDGs from the public sector, the private sector and civil society
- Cross-cutting issues and the MDGs, such as poverty, equity, gender, disability, research capacity strengthening,
  youth and ageing
- Research to deliver better health to families and communities, including health research for improved child and maternal
  health and for a sustainable environment
- Health research on diseases and determinants, including communicable, noncommunicable and chronic diseases,
  injuries and violence
- Measuring progress towards the MDGs, including financial flows, priority setting and indicators of progress
- Partnerships in health research for development, including networks and public-private partnerships.
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