Virtual nursing library at BIREME. An opportunity to create a brazilian nursing network?


Since April 2003, the OBJN is applying to index in the BDENF (nursing database) at the  Baeta Vianna Library/UFMG, responsible for the SURENF(Brazilian Nursing Information Network.In September 2003 there was a meeting at the UFMG´s Nursing School to present the Virtual Health Library/Nursing Project to the Brazilian Nursing Community. At the moment, the instituitions involved (EE-RP/USP, UFMG, EEAN/UFRJ, ABEn, etc) are preparing the terms of the project.To inspire the group, the OBJN reproduces here the Declaration of Puebla.WE, participants in theVI Regional Congress on Health Information Sciencesheld in Puebla, Mexico from May 7 to 9 in 2003, 
- Considering
* That all sectors of the population should participate in the decisions affecting their individual and collective health;
* That it is necessary to increase the spaces and opportunities where different interests can be expressed and consensus on health policies can be built;
* That relevant information and knowledge for decision making to promote public well-being should be produced based on an agenda formulated with broad participation of the citizenry;
* That the dissemination of the scientific and technical information and the reduction of the inequities of access to these public goods are essential elements for the consolidation of health policies as public policies, submitted to public debate and responding to public interest;
* That the new technologies of information and communication based on the Internet play a key role in a timely dissemination of scientific and technical information to all citizens, also creating opportunities for communication and exchange among them;
- Exhort
* The governments and the different social sectors of the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean to promote mechanisms and opportunities for democratic participation in the formulation of Public Health and Science & Technology policies, especially the participation of population groups currently excluded of these processes;
- Commit
* To continue the construction and promotion of the Virtual Health Library in a decentralized and participatory way as a dynamic platform to facilitate the production, communication and utilization of information and knowledge, in order to support the formulation and implementation of public policies geared to promote health and to combat poverty and inequity.The OBJN knows that the internet is critical to share nursing knowledge and exhorts nurses and health instituitions to participate in the consolidation of the Virtual Health Library/Nursing - BIREME in order to empower the nursing science and profession.
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