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Health education policy: evaluative study of Pró-Saúde and PET-Saúde

Ana Lúcia Abrahão, Nereida Lucia Palko Santos, Silvia Elizia Almeida Pereira de Freitas, Elaine Silva Miranda, Veronica Silva Fernandez, Magda Sousa Chagas


Aims: Evaluate the potentiality of Pró-Saúde and PET-Saúde proposals to provide an interdisciplinary and integral network education, from the micro policy of live work considering the complexity of the education/service process, developed from tutorial groups. The proposals to be investigated are the ones related to Fluminense Federal University, Rio de Janeiro Federal University and Campinas State University. Method: evaluative research, in which the data will be gathered through: documentation, simple observation, semi structured interview, focal group with actors from teaching institutions, managers, students, users and health care professionals; and crossed self-confrontation, within the period from December 2013 and August 2014. The data will be treated through the analysis of the speeches. Results: Instrument of pedagogical practices in service evaluation with emphasis in the integrality of attention considering the local/regional context in which the research was done.


Health Education; Education and Service Integration; Health Care networks


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