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Care networks coordinating teaching and service in health: a descriptive study

Ana Lúcia Abrahão, Ândrea Cardoso Souza, Sérgio Ricardo Aboud Dutra, Marcos Antônio Albuquerque Senna, Ranieri Carvalho Camuzi, Francisco Leonel de Figueiredo Fernandes


Aim: To identify in the Health Care networks, the guidance and organization modes of healthcare and the vocational training that articulates teaching and service in a Brazilian municipality. Method: This is a descriptive study, in which a qualitative approach was used. The research subjects will be professionals and managers of care networks that have operated in the network for at least one year. These individuals should be involved in the organization and planning activities of the network in the case of the manager and their assistants, and in the case of health professionals. Students, teachers and professionals not affiliated to the Municipal Secretariat will be excluded. Data collection will consist of semi-structured interviews and observation through daily field records, from September 2013 to April 2014. The Networks involved will be: Non-communicable Chronic Diseases; Stork and; Alcohol, Crack and Other Drugs. The identified material will be analyzed in terms of the content of the material collected in the field.


Health Training; Teaching and Service Integration; Health Care Networks


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