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Work process at the hospitals' archive sector: descriptive study

Maria Amelia Costa, Ana Lúcia Abrahão


Aims: to investigate the production forms that are verified in the work environment at public hospitals’ archive sector, related to the daily life of their workers; to analyze possible strategies used by these workers to develop their activities in the health care work process at public hospitals’ archive sector. Method: descriptive study with a quality approach that will use data-gathering techniques such as: simple observation with daily record in the field and semi structured interviews. The participation will be of subjects who work for more than 4 years at Fernandes Figueiras Institute/Fiocruz, over 25 years-old, interns excluded. The data treatment will be through content analysis, from the material gathered in the field. The results will be organized, making possible to consider the production of specialties present in the work process.


Health Care worker; Workflow; Health Care; Micropolicy


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