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Permanent education in the decentralization of health surveillance: a descriptive study

Irene França Guimarães, Marcos Paulo Fonseca Corvino


This is a research project that focuses on the expansion of a service as a consequence of decentralization of the action of Health Surveillance (HS) to municipal level, using the strategy of Permanent Education in Health (PEH). Aims: To perform a situational survey of the education of health professionals that work in HS; to identify the processes of PEH used in HS; to map the necessities of PEH for HS professionals and to create an educational proposal to optimize the actions of HS. Method: This is a descriptive study, with a qualitative approach. The collection of information will occur during the second semester of 2013, through documental research, semi-structured interviews and a focal group with the members of the HS Central team of a city located in the Brazilian state of Rio de Janeiro. The technique of content analysis will be used to treat the data. This study expects to contribute to the improvement of the actions of Health Surveillance at the municipal level.


Permanent Education in Health; Education; Educational processes


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