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Permanent education in health in a specialized public institution: a descriptive study

Roseluci Santos de Salles, Marcos Paulo Fonseca Corvino, Mônica Villela Gouvêa


Aim: to analyze the Permanent Education in Health activities (EPS, in Portuguese) in a medium and high complexity unit; to identify the topics of multidisciplinary interest based on the daily questions raised by different professionals; to propose educational strategies that strengthen the interdisciplinary bonds of the institutional culture. Method: this is a descriptive, exploratory study, using a qualitative approach, which targets a population of professionals from many areas. The data will be collected between September and October 2013, from focal groups and through observational participation. The analysis of the data collected will follow the approach established by Bardin. It is expected to mobilize the professionals to expand and reinforce the EPS processes in the unit.


Continued Health Education; Interdisciplinarity;Work in Health


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