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The fathers’ perception about their presence in the labor room during the birth of their child: a descriptive study

Raimunda Maria Melo, Rosineide Santana Brito


The presence of fathers attending the birth of their baby has shown to be even more beneficial to the mothers than the medical care provided in the labor room. Aim: to analyze the perception of the fathers about their presence in the labor room during their child’s birth. Method: this is a descriptive exploratory study using a qualitative approach. Participants include male partners who have attended the delivery of their baby in the labor room. Results: the results have shown that all participants value and highly recommend the presence of the father in the labor room. Conclusion: it is important to value the presence of the father in the labor room since he plays an essential role in the childbirth process by supporting and encouraging the mother to relax, which helps to promote a calm and successful labor and delivery process.


Child delivery; Humanization; Men.


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