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Knowledge about HIV/AIDS on women’s health: a descriptive study with undergraduates

Neide de Souza Praça, Patrícia de Freitas, Amélia Fumiko Kimura


Aim: to verify the information and knowledge about HIV/AIDS on women's health of students enrolled in the nursing undergraduate course at a public university of Sao Paulo state, Brazil. Method: This is a descriptive study, initially assessing 56 nursing students studying Women’s Health during the academic year of 1998/99. A further 51 students were assessed during 2010. The data was collected via a questionnaire, filled in by the students before a class regarding HIV/AIDS and women. This project was approved by the Ethics in Research Committee and by the Research Commission of the institution. Results: A decrease in the degree of the student’s knowledge was observed in 2010 in comparison to 1998/9. On the other hand, the 2010 respondents answered more questions regarding vertical transmission of the virus/disease correctly. Conclusions: This study suggests that changing teaching strategies to include activities in the field, allowing early contact between students and clientele may be beneficial.


Knowledge;Students;Nursing;HIV/AIDS;Woman Health.


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