Reflection and interaction: a new perspective to the teaching of nursing by means of living learning


Nursing Education

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This text treats of the questions of teaching-learning in Nursing and expose some reflections about our living as professors in the discipline of Living Learning I in the 1st phase of the Course of Graduation in Nursing of the Santa Catarina Federal University – UFSC. This discipline goes from the experience of the students, and the teacher is the learning facilitater. As professors we need to propitiate participative spaces of pedagogycal reflection that allow to the students a sensible and critical-criative formation. It presents in its metodology, dynamics to be realized with the student in manner that they can develop the self-knowledge, criativity, verbal and non-verbal expression. By end, it points that the experiences lived by them unleash significative changes in the formation of the nurse and that the teaching-learning process must be followed togheter – teacher and student.
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