Construction and validation of data collection instrument for children from 0 - 5 years

Kenya de Lima Silva
Advisor: Maria Miriam Lima da Nóbrega, RN, PhD.

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Silva  K L. Construction and validation of data collection instrument for children from 0 - 5 years. [ Master Dissertation ]. João Pessoa (PB). Federal University of Paraíba, 2004.


The intention of this study was to develop an instrument of collection of data, that makes possible the nurses of the Pediatric Clinic of the Academic Hospital Lauro Wanderley, to collect necessary data in children between 0 and 5 years old, that provide the development more than the too phases of the nursing process.  A methodological study was developed, based on the validation of content, which was executed in four phases: Phase 1 - (a) revision of literature on the basic human needs and its application to the children less than 5 years and instruments of data collection developed on the basis of the Horta Theory and directed to child, where it found 358 pointers of the necessities; b) construction of the research instrument, considering the pointers identified in literature, for the basic human needs evidences in the child between 0 to 5 years old, and in the searched instruments, being the instrument constructed with 241 pointers in a Likert type scale; Phase 2 - a) the validation of content, for a group of 5 teaching nurses and 8 assistance of the area of Pediatric Nursing, of the degree of relevance of items so that the same ones were enclosed in the instrument of collection of data, being validated 135 pointers; b) construction of the first version of the instrument of collection of data, from the 135 items that they had reached relevance degree  0,80, which composes in the following parts: identification; reason of the internment; basic human needs/physical exam; and the nurses impressions; Phase 3 - a) the verification of the clinical operationalization of the instrument for the participant in children hospitalized in the Pediatric Clinic. In this phase, were delivered five units of the collect instrument for the nurses who had participated of the previous phase, being the same applied for 6 nurses; b) evaluation of the presentation form and each part of the instrument, this evaluation was developed by 5 nurses and 1 teaching nurse; c) synthesis of the evaluation of the nurses on the structure of the instrument in a focal group, was carried through only one session of focal group for discussion of all the instrument, of which had participated 5 nurses; Phase 4 - a) the correction and elaboration of the final version of the instrument of data collection for children with 0 - 5 years, which composes in identification, previous internments/main complaints, basic human needs/physical exam and the nurse impressions; b) construction of one guides instructional, which appraises and specifies all the data that must be collected. It’s expected that the instrument constructed in this research makes possible the operationalization of the nursing assistance and contributes with the quality of the assistance given to these small beings.
Keywords: Data collection; Validation; Nursing; Child.


Received  November 23rd, 2004
Accepted November 23rd, 2004