The professional master in nursing: an new opportunity for brazilian nurse and an improvement in quality for the Healthcare Instituition


Isabel Cruz1

1Universidade Federal Fluminense


The role of nurse with Master Degree represents an challenge career opportunity for professional nurses. Currently, there are only 2 Professional Master in Nursing in Brazil, one is at São Paulo Federal University (SP) and the other, recently created, is at Fluminense Federal University (RJ). At the Fluminense Federal University, the Professional Master in Nursing includes course work and clinical experience in advanced health assessment, physiology, pathophysiology and pharmacology, as well as research, nursing theories, health promotion and disease prevention, healthcare policy, health and culture, diagnostic reasoning, and clinical decision making. In addition to course work, nurses are required to publish an original article and to produce a dissertation. The Professional Master in Nursing encompass a 2 year program of study with specialized clinical experiences. Advanced clinical education and experience based on scientifc evidences have been identified as requirements for practice as a nurse with Professional Master Degree. 

The nursing practice has recently expanded as a result of changes occurring in health care settings, including increased acuity of hospitalized patients, demands of management hability to reduce length of stay and to coordinate patient/family care. The scope of practice for nurses with a Professional Master Degree is broad-based and involves, mainly, providing advanced nursing care to patients and their families according to the practice setting and patient population.  For example, it may comprehend also therapeutic procedure work, aspects of case management, discharge planning, monitoring quality standards, clinical research, undergraduate preceptorship, and inservice education of nursing staff for the instituition. 

The Professional Master in Nursing at the Fluminense Federal University will offer a unique advanced practice opportunity for nurses to develop their nursing careers and for healthcare institutions and nursing faculties to improve the quality of their services.

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