Rousing new approaches to the Nursing care management: a qualitative study

Dirce Stein Backes, Alacoque Lorenzini Erdmann, Valéria Lerch Lunardi, Wilson Danilo Lunardi Filho, Rolf Hermann Erdmann


In this study it was intended to understand the meaning of the Nursing social practice from a rereading of the data focusing on the care management. The Grounded Theory was used as methodological reference and an interview with 35 participants was conducted between May and December in 2007 as technique for gathering the data. The codification and analysis of the accounts stood out by the interviewed professionals have resulted in the phenomenon “Rousing new approaches to the Nursing care management”. It was concluded that rousing new management approaches to the Nursing care is connected to the need to overcome the aid practices, allowed by ample and systemic eyes, by means of which it is possible to transcend the simplified way of thinking and elevating the Nursing care as product of multiple social interactions.


Nursing Research; Nursing Care; Management; Health Management.

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