The users' perception in relation to health practices: a literary analysis

Gicelle Galvan Machineski, Maria Alice Dias da Silva Lima, Ana Lucia de Lourenzi Bonilha, Jacó Fernando Schneider


The health care practices have become object of study when it comes to knowing profoundly the patients’ perception about daily health care services. The objective of this study is to discuss the results of researches based on health practices and the perception the users have of the Public Health Services of primary and psychosocial care. The results of a dissertation and a thesis have been compared in order to identify and analyze their convergences and singularities. Three subjects have been identified: care completeness; health problem solution in the attendance and; the participation of users in organized movements. Despite the changes in the health care system politics proposed by Health Unique System, it is evident that completeness aspects happen in a diversified and unsatisfactory way. Also, the presented solution is partial and; the participation of users is limited in psychosocial care, not to mention it is incipient in the primary care. The responsibility of interacting with the users in order to build a health care process whose objective is the suitable completeness of the service, lays on a multi-professional team and managers.


Primary Health Care; Mental Health Services; Comprehensive Health Care

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