Technology and nursing practice - a bibliographical research


Review literature


The study aimed to analyze the scientific production related to the use of technology in the practices of nursing. This is a bibliographic study of quantitative approach, which used to search in the databases Scielo, LILACS, Medline and BDEnf, in which the descriptors used were technology and educational technology. Twenty-eight articles were selected. Most of the articles, 27 (96.4%), had been published in journals inside the nursing area. It was observed that the articles with the chosen thematic had been published from 2000 onwards. Among the studies, sixteen (57.1%) are related to the development, implementation experience or reports of the use of technologies. Of these, 10 (62.5%) were targeted to own professionals and five (31.2%) towards the patients. As for the type of technology, 11 (68.7%) used harsh technologies. It is perceived the greater interest of nurses in developing and using technology in their practice in the past five years. This consists as a facilitator methodology for the nursing profession and as a benefit for the nursing’s actions improvement.