Nursing diagnostic in nursing’s professional practice apply in a surgical clinic

Karla Crozeta, Maria Ribeiro Lacerda, Marineli Joaquim Meier, Mitzy Tannia Reichembach Danski


Nursing diagnostic expresses the nurse’s clinical judgment. Its uses point the necessity of standardizing terms used by means of terminologies. This study has as objective analyze the transcription nursing diagnostics from NANDA terminology, to ICNP terminology in a surgical clinic. Deals of a descriptive study, of qualitative approach, that occurred after bibliographic review of nursing diagnostics in specific literature, which were found in NANDA terminologies. It was opted to use ICNP for its universal terminologies. It was performed the diagnostics transcription, which was analyzed in three categories: diagnostic of risk, equal titles and titles with ample differentiation. In this way, this study points that the terminologies are complementary, and that both have advantages and disadvantages. The use of nursing diagnostics is a valuable tool for an autonomy and visible professional practice.


Nursing Process; Nursing Diagnosis; Professional Practice.

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