Alterations in the fertility lived deeply by people with spinal cord injury: a qualitative research.

Karenine Maria Holanda Cavalcante, Zuila Maria de Figueiredo Carvalho, Islene Victor Barbosa, Rita Mônica Borges Studart


This study aimed at understanding the alterations in the fertility lived deeply by people with spinal cord injury. It was developed with 9 people with spinal cord injury, men and women, with paraplegy and quadriplegy. The data had been gotten between November of 2004 and May of 2005. The instrument used to collect the data was a semi-structured interview and they were analyzed descriptively in the light of the literature about the theme. The analyzed speeches made evident that there is a great diversification between the degree of the injury and the presence of ejaculation. Among the patients with complete injury, some of them related ejaculation and others did not. The same happened among patients with incomplete injury. Other alterations faced by men with spinal cord injury were related, for instance, retrograde ejaculation and reduction of the activity and mobility of the spermatozoon. On the other hand, among female patients, the knowledge that their fertility doesn’t undergo great damages was evident. Nursing is in an important position to promote health in this area, what requires a specific preparation and spontaneity to approach positive attitudes towards the new reality of life of the person with spinal cord injury.


fertility;raquimedular traumatism; nursing

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