Handwashing adhesion between the multiprofissional team of the infantile intensive care unit. A descriptive study

Adriana C Oliveira, Andreza Werli, Marilza R Ribeiro, Francelli AC Neves, Fabíola FF Júnior, Francisco SO Júnior


It was objectified to evaluate the physician, nursering, physiotherapy, radiology technicist and laboratory technicist team adhesion to the hand hygiene in the infantile intensive care unit of an university hospital. It was realizaed a transversal and descriptive study in August, 2005, with direct and stractificated professional observation, work shift and pacient contacts, objects, furniture, etc, the last considered like hand hygiene opportunities. In 1.164 observations the global rate of adhesion to the hand hygiene was low. The majority were in the night shift (31,1% before and 42,7% after contacts), between physician team (39,8%) and nursering (34,0%); as for professionals were the nurse (45,3%) and preceptor physician (44,9%). The minor adhesion was of the radiology technicists, nursering assistants and intensive care external physicians. Investments are suggested in educative programs seeking the knowledge incorporation and the adhesion enhance to the hand hygiene between healthcare workers team


handwashing; patient care team; awareness; pediatric intensive care units

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.5935/1676-4285.2007732


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