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Validation of the nursing outcome Mobility in the elderly with Chikungunya: a methodological study

Amanda Barbosa da Silva, Mércio Gabriel de Araújo, Marina Marisa Palhano dos Santos, Ana Paula Nunes de Lima Fernandes, Jéssica Naiara de Medeiros Araújo, Allyne Fortes Vitor


Aim: Validate nursing outcome Mobility presented by Nursing Outcomes Classification (NOC) in elderly patients with Chikungunya. Method: This is a methodological study to be carried out in a reference center for the elderly located in the state of Rio Grande do Norte, in three stages: adaptation of instrument by integrative review of the literature; semantic validation; and clinical validation of the instrument following the recommendations of the Psychometrics. For the descriptive analysis the measures of the distribution center and variabilities will be calculated. The Friedman test will be applied to verify divergence between evaluators, the intraclass correlation coefficient to compare the similarity between the nurses' evaluations and the Cronbach's alpha coefficient to verify the internal consistency of the dual evaluators. Expected results: Provide an instrument adapted, validated and directed to elderly patients with impaired mobility as a result of Chikungunya.


Validation Studies; Nursing Assessment; Aged;Nursing


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