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Teaching methodologies in multiprofessional residency preceptory: a descriptive-exploratory study

Núbia Maria Lima de Sousa, Ana Cristina Pinheiro Fernandes de Araújo, Samara Isabela Maia de Oliveira, Nilba Lima de Sousa, Izaura Luzia Silvério Freire, Fernanda dos Santos Nogueira Góes


Aim:  to  identify,  analyze  and  classify  the  metodologies  used  by preceptors  in  the  teaching-learning  process  of  multiprofissional  residents.  Method:  a descriptive-exploratory   study  that   will  involve   the   preceptors of  multirpofissional residency in health of a maternity school of Natal, RN, Brazil. The data collection will be carried  out  from  September  2016  to  February  2017,  through  a  technique  of  free association  of  words,  using  the  following  inducing  stimuli:  methodology,  traditional methodology and active methodology, and by focus group from a guiding question. The lexicographic  analisis  carried  out  by  the  EVOC  (Ensemble  de  Programmes  Permettant L’A nalyse des E vocations) software and by the content analysis proposed by B ardin will be  used. The  validations  of categories  will  be carried  out  by  three  external  judges  and supported in  the  relevant  literature.  Expected results:  provide  subsidies  for  elaborating improvement strategies for teaching-learning between preceptors and students.


Education, Higher; Methodology; Problematization


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