Nursing Procedures for the Patient Submitted to Cardiac Catheterism - Scientific Production Analysis

Rosane Lourenci, Marilda Andrade


Facing the importance of existing parameters for the nursing care systematization to the patients submitted to cardiac catheterism, the necessity of availability of scientific studies related to the subject is clear in order to present the establishment of routines and pattern procedures of nursing care, minimizing the resulting effects from the lack of this systematization, specifically the care related to cardiac catheterism, in a general way will induce in benefits in the final results, generating a greater welfare and improving the quality of life of this patient. For such accomplishment, it was performed a computer research based on data/information sources like: LILACS, BDENF, SCIELO, MEDLINE, CUIDEN, LATINDEX, CHROCRANE, PERIÓDICOS CAPES, BIBLIOTECA VIRTUAL DE ENFERMAGEM E BIBLIOTECA DIGITAL DE TESES E DISSERTAÇÕES, published between 1999 and 2006 aiming the search of knowledge about this subject. it was observed few publishing about the subject which proves that the professional nurse writes quite few about it.It was localized 58 cientifics works treating about theme, but just 8 of them were selected, due to pre established parameters. Showing as missingthis kind of articles and asserting its importance.


nursing;wellness;health promotion

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