Work absence by disease in a public hospital net in Minas Gerais/ Brazil

Solange CB Godoy, Marilia Alves, Adelaide DE M Rocha, Daniela Moreira Santana


This research had analyzed the causes of removal of work by disease problems in a public hospital net in Minas Gerais. The given were collected from the medical file of the workers in the division attention to worker healthy, referents to 2002. Were searched 16 hospital units. Between the 4735 medical licenses identified, 65,34% were extended from 1 to 3 days, considered a short duration. As the most frequent causes: diseases in the respiratory System (16, 20%), diseases in the muscle skeptical system and connective tissue (15,21%). The units of emergency had a projection on concession of licenses. The profile of absenteeism- disease showed different for short and long duration. The licenses over 15 days are cases more complex, chronicle process, while the 3 days licenses indicates diseases less serious and of a quicker solution.


absenteeism;sick leave; hospital;manpower; care; nursing

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