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PET-Health as a lifelong learning device: a descriptive study

Malena Storani Gonçalves Rosa, Ândrea Cardoso de Sousa


General  aim:  to  evaluate  whether  PET-Health  has  been  constituted as   a   possibility   with   regard  to   continuing   education   for   professionals/preceptors employed by the health services. Specific aims: to identify and characterize the actions of Pet-Health, recognized by preceptors as a form of continuing education. Method: This is  a  descriptive  and  evaluative  study using  a  qualitative approach, to  be  undertaken  in mental health services that make use of PET experience in Niterói/RJ. For data collection, semi-structured interviews will be conducted with professionals who act as PET-HEALTH preceptors  in  the  mental  health  network.  Information  processing  will  be  based  on content  analysis.  At  the  end  of  this  study,  benefits  pointing  to  the  power  that  shapes PET-Health with regard to continuing education are expected.


Health Education; Drugs; Health Professionals.


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