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Experience of male adolescents and young adults with respect to the puerperium of their partners: an exploratory-descriptive study

Mércio Gabriel Araújo, Jovanka Bittencourt Leite Carvalho


Aim: to understand the experience of adolescents and young adults in terms of the postpartum period of their companions as part of the Family Health Strategy. Method: This is a descriptive exploratory study, using a qualitative approach, developed in the family health units in the city of Caicó, Rio Grande do Norte. Respondents will be male adolescents and young adults who are accompanying their partners in the indirect postpartum period. A semi-structured interview will be used as the data collection technique. The information collected will be assessed using Grounded Theory and interpreted by symbolic interaction. Expected results: from the analysis of adolescents’ and young adults’ experience, we intend to delineate nursing actions that could be developed with regard to this group in the postpartum period. It is also intended to foster discussions to strengthen male involvement and the improvement of nursing care in terms of health care for the family as a whole.


Ciências da Saúde; Enfermagem; Adolescente.


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