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Work accidents with needles and other sharp medical devices in the nursing team at public hospital - Rio Branco, Acre - Brazil

Akerna Cristini Pereira, Andréa Ramos da Silva, Cícero Francalino da Rocha, Iara Soares Cordeiro, Creso Machado Lopes


Researches accomplished with 126 workers of the nursing team of the medical and surgical of the general hospitals of Rio Branco Clinics - Acre - Brazil, to lift the occurrence of work accidents, caused by cutting and piercing A questionnaire was used contends open and shut questions. It was verified that 82,5% are of the feminine gender, 56,4% married or joined, 44,4% possessed the 2nd complete degree and 30,9% the third complete degree, 72,3% exercised the 6-20 year-old profession. For its time, 50,8% already suffered accidents cutting and piercing, being the Medical Clinic with 66,7% and in the morning period with 45,3%, with syringe needle in 52,2%, where 48,1% acidentaram-if for inattention and 26,6% for negligence. The conduct after the accident for 21,0%, went accomplish to asepsis in the place and to communicate the Commission of Control of Infecção Hospital, while 60,9% didn't accomplish the notification for ignorance.  


Occupational Health.


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