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Primary Care, hypertension, diabetes and tissue lesions: a descriptive and exploratory study

Ana Lúcia Abrahão, Ândrea Cardoso Souza, Dalvani Marques, Marilda Andrade


Aim: To analyze the working processes of the nursing team in the last five years, directed to help registered users in the hypertension and diabetes mellitus programs, who are identified in the public primary care services network with tissue lesions. Specific: To classify technologies (products and processes) used in the treatment/care of injuries; to identify the profile of users assisted in the basic care services network. Method: the research will be performed in two steps. The first will be in the form of an epidemiological survey with simple statistical analysis of the data collected, building the profile of the users. The second will be in the form of a series of open interviews, with regard to the following aspects: the use of technology in care, therapeutic projects indicated to the user, and analysis of content focused on team processes. The proposal is for a two-year research program that is linked to the project "Innovation in Nursing in the Treatment of Injuries - systematization, technological inclusion and functionality", funded by CNPq.


Work Process in Health; Health Care; Health Care Networks


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